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Title: Waterborne
Genre: Thriller
Pages: 364
Original Release: April 22, 2021 by Black Rose Writing
2nd Edition: April 12, 2024 by Jaytech Publishing
Language: English



A Jake Bendel Thriller

What if terrorists put genetically modified viruses into our drinking water?

You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to weaponize an entire state’s water supply.

When Californians start getting sick from their drinking water, civil engineer Jake Bendel must once again work with the FBI to discover the cause.

With his new desalination plants behind schedule and searing pressure from the California Governor, Jake uncovers a secret network of vengeful terrorists planning Nazi-level genetic modifications.

Before Jake can find a way to cure the masses, he is also injected with the virus, forcing him to track down the leader of the terrorist group.

The clock is ticking. Can they stop the terrorists and save millions of people?

Discover why Waterborne has earned six awards and became an Amazon bestseller as you join Jake Bendel on a race against time to save himself and California from a sinister plot in this heart-pumping thriller.


2022 BestThrillers.com Book Awards - Best Medical Thriller

2022 American Fiction Awards Finalist in the Thriller: Techno category

2022 BookFest Award Winner - Thriller - Technothrillers

2022 Indies Today Awards - Thrillers - runner up

2023 Feathered Quill Awards - Thriller - 2nd place

2023 CIBA Awards - Global Thrillers - 1st place

Praise & Reviews

With intriguing concepts and well-rounded protagonists, J. Luke Bennecke’s WATERBORNE is a high-octane page-turning thriller, elevated by fascinating scientific detail and an empathetic hero.

Indie Reader

An entertaining, action-packed tale involving viruses and terrorism.

Kirkus Reviews

Redefining edge-of-your-seat action, Bennecke masterfully pairs an intelligently written and nimbly paced plot with relevant social issues in Waterborne. The end result is a contemporary story that is chilling in its plausibility and addictive in its momentum... A thriller that stacks up against any on your bookshelf, Waterborne is a penetrating novel that will keep your pulse pounding and your jaw agape!

Indies Today

Waterborne is recommended to those who love thrillers with a technological and engineering basis rather than a militaristic or espionage one. And anyone who enjoys thrillers where regular (though brilliant) people find themselves in incredibly high-stakes situations will find plenty to dig into as well.

Independent Book Review

This is an action packed, fast paced thriller set in the immediate future that is equal parts thought provoking, edge-of-your-seat thrilling. Easy to read and fast paced with plenty of thrills.

Avonna Loves Genres

This book is perfect for anyone that loves thrillers, apocalyptic-esque stories, science-based thrillers without being SciFi, and so on.

Books, Beans & Botany

I have two words for this novel – page turner!

Lelita Baldock, Author

The book starts with a punch and carries its thrill until the end.

Confessions of a Reading Freak

This fast-paced thriller intrigued me, frightened me, and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Storeybook Reviews

Equal parts thought provoking and edge-of-your-seat thrilling... easy to read and fast paced with plenty of thrills.

Avanna K, NetGalley

Bennecke’s background as a civil engineer brings extra life to the behind-the-scenes aspects of civic infrastructure. The breakneck pace will surely thrill and delight many.

Sarasota Scene Magazine

Bennecke was able to create a suspenseful story that was driven by an action-packed plot. The book pulled me in and left me eager for the next installment.